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Your Basic Bird

2940 College Avenue, Berkeley, California 94705

The owners obsession with birds started with finches, lories and hanging parrots in the late 1970's as a hobby. By 1981, when Claudia & Bob bought Your Basic Bird, the hobby had become their business. The primary emphasis of your Basic Bird has always been on birds, but they provide a complete line of dog, cat & small animal supplies and other companion animals (rabbits, guinea pigs, rats & hamsters).

The curiosity is still there after 38 years and owners keep learning more about birds every day. Claudia often notes that after you have met birds, this love for these magnificent creatures is "in your blood," it is difficult to imagine life without them.


Birds appreciate the time and respect they receive from their guests and staff to connect as a flock. They want your bird's stay with them to be as stress-free for both of you as possible. Book your accommodation early, particularly for holidays and summer months-space is limited.

If your bird has boarded at Your Basic Bird before, please remind them of any health changes that might have occurred, e.g. laying eggs, plucking feathers, chewing.

If your bird didn't board here before, please give ample time to fill out the registration form when you visit them. They will need to know and be aware of the medical history, age and so on of your bird.

Boarding Care

When they arrive, the company’s employees do a visual inspection of every cage. The water dishes are washed on a regular basis and replaced in the morning with a new clean water dish. In the afternoon, all the water is replaced again by clean water. Food is washed twice a day, refilled, and replaced. Both birds obtain mixed produce regularly. Perches are scraped or, if needed, washed. Both papers or substrates at the bottom of the cage are modified regularly. Note, all birds love toys. Your bird's favorite toys could be included.

Bring your bird into a clean cage, or they will be able to clean your cage for $25. Leave your water platter at home, since the staff are going to use their own water platter available. 

Need a cage? Upon booking, please order a cage so that it will be ready when your bird arrives. A one-time cleaning charge of $10 will apply.

Boarding Fees

  • Medium Birds, in your cage

          Finch, Canary, Parakeet, Lovebird, Cockatiel, Conure, Senegal


  • Large Birds, in your cage

           Pionus, African Gray, Amazon

           Severe/Yellow-Collared Macaw



  • 24" x 24" or larger, in your cage

           Umbrella, Blue & Gold Macaw,

           Moluccan Cockatoo


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All of these wonderful locations are situated just a short distance from our location at 1647 Hopkins St, in Berkeley! Stop by for a visit anytime!