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Paco Collars

2245 Fifth Street, Berkeley, California 94710, United States

The whole team is passionate about a lot of things here at Paco Collars but here's the shortlist: dogs, leather, art and culture. As a brand, they try to combine these items into one clean bundle that can easily be worn around your dog's neck.

Every piece was established in 2002 based on the concept of artistic honesty and is handmade using the highest quality materials on the market. Latigo leather, the same leather that is used in horse tack, is the basis for all products and is specially treated to withstand all weather conditions, which ensures that each Paco Collars product can stand the test of time.

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Of course, lasting forever is no use unless the collar also looks good — Paco Collars excels in mixing strength with elegance. 

A Paco Collar is not only about the product (which, interestingly, is a pretty good product), but the journey behind it.


Ana is the one that started Paco Collars. Her life was consumed with Paco (the dog), and the company was created. Her days are packed with milking goats (yes! in her backyard!) and being a mom to her human kid, and hanging with her dog - Cornbread. She also comes to the shop every day and makes collars, and here at Paco, she is the artistic director.


Paco's queen of customer care is Kristin. With a virtual fitting, she will have you set up, assist with your questions, and send your latest bling off on its way to your best mate. With a weakness for Cardigan Corgis and other herdy nerdy breeds, she is a long time dog lover.


If there's something in Paco that needs to happen, Leslie is the one to do it. Leslie has her hands full, from making sure payroll and taxes are paid to discovering new stone shades, to selling collars on the lane, to creating new displays in the store. When she isn't at Paco, she competes with her dog Gnome in agility and works at home on her own designs.


Jen is an artist / illustrator with a bird-related affinity to all things. At Paco she's part of the design team to make sure that your collars are sparkly enough before they hit your eager paws. She can either be found backpacking around California when not at the supermarket, or something fabulous can be cooked up in her kitchen.

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All of these wonderful locations are situated just a short distance from our location at 1647 Hopkins St, in Berkeley! Stop by for a visit anytime!