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What Are Some Good Gifts For Your Real Estate Agent After Closing?


A Real Estate Agent’s job is a tough, thankless one. They work long hours for little pay and sometimes have to deal with difficult clients who can be rude or demanding. It's only fair that after closing on your new home you show some appreciation by gifting them something useful as well as relevant to their line of work.

Real Estate Agents work in all kinds of different markets and situations, so depending on your Real Estate Agent’s personality you should try to find a gift that is appropriate for them. It may not be easy to shop for someone who deals with such high stakes. Here is a suggested list of gifts that you can choose to give your Real Estate Agent:

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Coffee Mugs

Real Estate Agents are constantly on the go, so a Real Estate Agent coffee mug is an excellent choice for gifting your Real State Professional. If you know their favorite drink or can get them something personalized, this will be even more meaningful to the person who has been working hard by your side all along.

Gourmet Gift Baskets

Real Estate Agents need to eat, and Real Estate Agent gift baskets can be a great way to show your appreciation for their work. You should aim to stick with small items that will fit inside of the basket - anything too large or heavy is not going to add enough value compared with purchasing something else on this list such as chocolates, cookies, bottled water, or coffee packets.

Gift Certificates

Real Estate Agents like to shop for themselves, a gift certificate is an excellent way to show your Real State Agent that you care. It allows them to tailor the purchase themselves and get something that is more appropriate for their tastes or needs. In this case, you should aim to give certificates from local businesses in your area - maybe even ones near where Real Estate Agents work if possible.

Wines or Tea

Another excellent Real Estate Agent gift idea is wine or tea. Real Estate Agents are often in social settings when they aren't working, and bringing a bottle of their favorite drink when you meet up with them can be a great way to make sure that your Real Estate Professional knows how much you appreciate all the hard work they've done for you.

Digital Picture Frames

Real Estate Agents often have to take a lot of pictures in their line of work, so Real Estate Agent digital picture frames are an excellent choice for gifting your Real Estate Professional. If you can find one with a personalized design or something else unique about it then even better - this will be sure to stand out from any other gifts they've received all year.

So you’ve closed on your home and now it is time to thank the agent who helped make your dreams come true. Consider giving them a gift that they will appreciate but won't be expecting. This type of gift has been shown to increase customer loyalty levels in many industries. If you're not sure what would work best, get in touch and we'll help you find the perfect present.


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