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How To Tell If Your Real Estate Agent Is Earning Their Fee


Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you'll ever make, so it's important to find an agent who can help you navigate the process. But how do you know if your real estate agent is earning their fee? Here are five questions that will help gauge whether or not they're doing their job:

1) What does my agent do for me on a daily basis?

An agent should be in contact with you at least once a day. If they're not, there might be something wrong - either they think the process is going smoothly and don't need to stay on top of things or your home isn't selling because it's overpriced or marketed poorly.

2) How many properties have they shown me in person this week?

If your agent has just shown you one or two properties, they're likely not doing the best job of selling anything. They should be showing at least three or four to really give you a good idea of what's out there.

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3) Are there any homes I like that I've seen online but haven't been shown in person yet?

If your agent is asking you to just buy a home without showing any other properties, they might not be earning their fee. If there are homes online that interest you but haven't been shown in person, ask for them to do so. Ideally an agent will want to show as many houses as possible with the goal of finding one that meets all requirements and needs.

4) What websites does my agent use to search for listings and what sites do they use to advertise my home?

An agent should be using at least one website to search for listings and another one to advertise your home. Some popular sites include Realtor, Trulia, Zillow, HotPads. Be wary of an agent who only uses their own office website or specific websites that seem sketchy - this is a sign they might not have the experience needed to find you what you need.

A good real estate agency will offer many different services beyond finding homes in order to get them sold quicker because time on market is critical when it comes down to it. They'll do things like set up open houses; hire professional photographers and videographers; utilize social media platforms like Facebook & Instagram to show your listing off; negotiate with a seller; and set up showings for buyers.

A good agent should be sending you listings on the market that match your needs to view in person, but also taking into account what's available in your budget. They'll look at all of the best homes that are similar to yours - both those they have access to through their company as well as ones listed by other agents who might not offer representation services. But if it seems like an agent is only doing one or two things...or nothing? That could be a sign that either they're inexperienced or trying too hard to sell something outside of their normal area of expertise (like buying versus selling).

Knowing how to tell if your agent is earning their fee should be a key piece of information for anyone in the midst of buying or selling a home. A robust real estate market means that competition can sometimes make it tough to identify an honest and trustworthy individual who will work hard on your behalf without taking advantage of you. If you need help finding an agent who is going to earn every penny they charge, contact us today!


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