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5 Things You Should Never Say When Viewing A House

There are a lot of things to think about when viewing a house. You want to make sure that it’s in the right neighborhood, that the schools are good, and that you can see yourself living there. But there are also some things you should never say.

When viewing a home, don’t say these things:

When you’re out looking at homes with your real estate agent, it’s important to remember that you’re not just looking at a house – you’re looking at someone’s home. And while you might be focused on finding the perfect home for yourself, it’s important to respect the current homeowners and their property. With that in mind, here are 5 things you should never say when viewing a house:

1. Considering Future Renovations

“This place would be perfect if we just knocked out that wall/renovated the kitchen/redid the bathroom.” While it’s great to have an idea of what you would do to a home to make it your own, resist the urge to share these ideas with the current homeowners. They may not see things the same way as you do and could be offended by your suggestions. Plus, any potential renovations should be taken into consideration when making an offer on a home – you don’t want to low-ball them because you think the place needs work.

The bottom line is: that any upcoming renovation plans should remain a secret. If you absolutely must say something, keep it vague and be sure to complement the home as well. After all, the homeowners have put a lot of time and energy into making their home look just the way they want it – even if you don’t happen to agree with their taste.

2. Avoid interfering with others by asking them questions.

It’s best to quietly observe while the agent is giving their spiel and refrain from asking questions that could easily be answered by doing a bit of research on your own time. The last thing you want to do is come off as pushy or annoying.

The point of going on viewing is to get *a feel* for the house and see if it meets your needs – not to nitpick every little detail about it. If you start becoming fixated on things like paint color or light fixtures, you’re going to lose sight of what’s important. It can be tempting to voice your opinion about everything in the house, but try to keep negative comments to yourself. No one wants to hear why you hate the wallpaper or how much work you think the kitchen needs.

This is probably the most important one – avoid talking about money. It’s not only tacky, but it can also put you in a bad negotiating position later on if the seller overhears you discussing your budget with your agent.

Don’t forget that you’re not the only person interested in the house. The sellers have their own lives and schedules to worry about, so try not to be too demanding when it comes to viewings and appointments.

3. Never admit that you’ve found your ideal house.

It may be love at first sight when you walk into your dream home, but take a step back and think about whether it’s the right fit for you. When you’re out looking at houses with your real estate agent, it’s important to remember that you’re not just looking for a place to live – you’re also looking for a potential investment. Admitting that you’ve found your dream home makes it very difficult to negotiate later on down the road.

Additionally, you should avoid saying things like “This is perfect!” or “I love it!” Not only does this put unnecessary pressure on yourself, but it also tips your hand to the seller. Instead, try to stay calm and collected throughout the viewing process. 

4. Steer clear of oversharing.

You might be excited about the prospect of finding you forever home, but try to control yourself when viewing a house. The last thing you want to do is blurt out everything about your current situation, or how much you love the property. The sellers are strangers, and they don’t need to know your life story. Stick to the basics and reserve any further details after you’ve made an offer.

5. Do not say that the asking price is unreasonably high.

Making the argument that the asking price is excessively high is yet another typical error to avoid when looking for a home. Although you have every right to believe a home is overpriced, try to keep your comments to yourself. Sellers may view this as a criticism of the caliber of their residence, while agents may take offense at the suggestion that they lack the expertise necessary to appropriately evaluate a property. Both of these won’t get you bonus points if you intend to submit an offer later.

Contrary to this, making a particularly low offer might be seen as an insult and will probably cause you to be dismissed as a superficial buyer. Making a reasonable offer that is below the asking price is one thing, but chancers who repeatedly make offers that are far below the asking price are quickly going to get on the agent’s bad side. Due to this, it can be challenging to receive serious consideration for upcoming offers.

It’s simple to leave a positive impression. It only needs a little mindfulness, sensitivity, and cognizance of the current game. You don’t have to strive to be best friends with every agent or seller, and you don’t have to be dishonest or deceptive either. They will respect you and your offer if you simply treat them with respect.

By following these simple tips, you can view houses without offending the sellers or jeopardizing your chances of getting a great deal. Just remember to be respectful, honest, and straightforward, and you’ll be sure to find the perfect home in no time.

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