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What Is The Best Time To Buy A House In California?


While you can find your dream home any time of the year, if you want to get the best price, you should go house hunting during some months of the year. At a national level, Christmas Day followed by Easter Sunday is the best day to buy a home.

But in the State of California these days do not apply. The rule of thumb is that the safest way is to purchase earlier in the year. You'll find the highest number of homes listed in California from April through June.

Buying more houses on the market would help you purchase your next home at the best possible price. If you're not in a rush or can't find the right house in California during the spring season, you might get lucky during the winter season.

Most sellers who list their home in the winter months need to sell their own house. You can get a discount on the sales price and do not have to compete with other buying deals. Whether you're new to the state or know the area does not matter, an experienced real estate agent in California will offer guidance on timing your home purchase.

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What Are the Best Cities to Buy a House in California?

You have to make an educated decision before buying a home. This all begins by knowing everything you can about the cities that you will consider on your purchasing trip home. 

Don't know where the hunting begins at your house? Here's the five best California cities to purchase a home in 2019.

  • Oxnard: If you are looking for a beachfront lifestyle at an affordable price, consider purchasing a home in Irvine, CA. The median price for houses is in the low $300,000 which makes it perfect for any buyer.
  • Irvine: This city offers a 45 per cent higher quality of life than the nation's average. Low unemployment and a booming economy make this ideal for any purchaser in California.
  • Sacramento: This city may be San Francisco's northeast, but it provides nice, affordable homes. Most households are tenants and if you want to move in the long term you should consider renting your home.
  • Ventura: Another city offering a lifestyle right on the beach without breaking the bank. It is home to five colleges which make it ideal for high school or college student parents.
  • Oakland: You may consider buying your home in Oakland if you want to live near San Francisco without paying a hefty price tag. Unemployment in this city has continued to decline in recent years which is a sign of a strong market.

4 Ways to Get a Great Deal on a Home in California

It is a must to get the best price when buying your home at the right time. During the best season hunting House is half the game. You have to develop the right plan for buying your dream home at the best price in California.

Don’t know where to start? Here are four ways to get a great deal when buying a home in California.

  1. Find a Great California Real Estate Agent: While searching for house listings to learn about the city on your own, you should consider consulting an expert such as our Clever Partner Agents. A local real estate agent has the ability to provide insight into the best time and neighborhoods you need. An agent will also direct you through the purchase process, negotiate the best price and get a home buyer discount on the new home.
  2. Assess Your Needs and Lay Out Your Goals: Hiring an agent needs you to negotiate your schedule, favorite neighborhoods and other information. For your dream house your real estate agent wants to know what you're looking for. That information will be your house hunting starting point.
  3. Find a Lender and Secure Financing: Your agent will guide you through every step of the process of buying your home. They will provide recommendations based on your strategy and financial condition about your funding choices. If you have a timetable for home purchases, you should expect that the closing of your home loan may take about 30 days depending on your lender.
  4. Negotiate the Best Possible Price: Your realtor will help you submit an offer on the property after you've found your dream home. After home inspection, your representative will also discuss the price for the house to ensure that you get the best deal on your new home.


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