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Robert Mendez

Realtor, DRE #02120747

Robert Mendez

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Phone: (510)468-3314

I am proud to be a Bay Area native with roots running from San Francisco to Fremont and everywhere in between. My career path in customer service drives in me a passion to help people-to listen to their needs and deliver outstanding customer service each time, every time.

I was exposed to real estate by my parents. My dad was a successful Real Estate Broker, and my mom was a Top Selling Realtor®. My parents instilled in me the right for every person to enjoy the American Dream-home ownership.

My parents advocated for minorities to believe they had the right to be homeowners; they successfully changed the mindset and reality of people who never imagined they would be anything but renters. Through my parents’ eyes, I grew to love residential architecture and the real estate industry, if not for the prestige of being a homeowner myself, but also to afford my friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and family the right to own a home.

A childhood friend of Ernie Sexton and Rick Gutierrez, I am honored to work with them at Sexton Group Real Estate after spending 20 years as a lead graphics installer with the Local 510 Sign Painters and Allied Trades Union. My work around the Bay Area allows me to point my clients in a direction that suits their needs and wants for work, play, and living.

Customer service and client relations are a strong part of my background. Listening to my clients’ needs and delivering what they ask for creates a strong relationship for life. When home buyers and sellers work with me, they can expect a strong work ethic-often delivering them a better deal than they expect and making the entire experience a pleasant one.

Work with Robert Mendez and Sexton Group Real Estate

We live in an amazing area! It is my pleasure to work with clients and build their real estate portfolio one home at a time. From first time homebuyers, seasoned home buyers, investors, and everyone in between, I look forward to creating a solid working and personal relationship that has you wanting to work with me over and over again.

Recent Testimonial for Robert from David L.

Sexton Group RE
Robert Mendez – Ernie Sexton Recommendation Letter

June 2, 2023

I am writing this letter to express my deepest gratitude and provide an enthusiastic recommendation for the exceptional services provided during the recent sale of our family home by The Sexton Group RE broker, Ernie Sexton, and agent, Robert Mendez. The compassionate approach, professionalism, and expertise provided by Robert made the entire process seamless and truly remarkable during a challenging time for my sister and me.

Following the passing of our beloved mother, my sister and I faced the difficult task of selling our family home, which held a lifetime of memories and sentimental value. From the very beginning, they displayed an incredible level of empathy and understanding, allowing us to navigate the sale with both practicality and emotional sensitivity.

Their knowledge of the San Francisco real estate market and their guidance throughout the entire process were invaluable. They took the time to explain each step thoroughly, ensuring that we understood our options and were equipped to make informed decisions. Their expertise and advice helped us set a realistic listing price for the Westwood Park neighborhood that honored the value of our cherished family home.

In addition to their expertise, their compassionate approach made a significant impact on our experience. They took the time to listen to our stories and memories associated with the home, demonstrating genuine care and respect for our emotional journey. Their ability to balance the practical aspects of the sale while understanding the sentimental value of the property was truly remarkable.

Their commitment to marketing our family home was exceptional. From the beautiful photographs that captured the essence of the house to the thoughtful listing descriptions, they effectively showcased the unique features that made

our home so special. Their dedication to leveraging various marketing channels and ensuring maximum exposure helped attract potential buyers who truly appreciated the character and charm of our family home.

Their negotiation skills were outstanding, and we felt completely confident in their ability to represent our best interests. Their professionalism and attention to detail throughout the negotiation process were impressive, and they skillfully navigated any challenges that arose. Thanks to their expertise, we achieved a very favorable sale price and terms that exceeded our expectations.

Beyond their professional capabilities, what truly stood out was their genuine kindness and support. They were a constant source of reassurance, always available to answer our questions and address our concerns promptly. Your excellent communication skills kept us informed at every stage, providing us with the peace of mind we needed during this emotional journey.

Throughout the entire process, they demonstrated an unwavering commitment to ensuring a smooth transaction. They worked diligently to coordinate with all parties involved, including the buyer’s agent, inspectors, and escrow officers, to ensure that everything proceeded seamlessly. Their attention to detail and organizational skills were evident, making the entire process stress-free for my sister and me.

It is with the utmost confidence and gratitude that I wholeheartedly recommend the services of Robert Mendez and the Sexton Group RE to anyone in need of a compassionate and highly skilled real estate agent. Their professionalism, expertise, and dedication to client satisfaction make them an outstanding choice for anyone facing the sale of a cherished family home.

We thank them once again for all that they have done for my family. Their genuine care, hard work, and exceptional service have made a lasting impression, and we are deeply grateful for the opportunity to work with them.

David L.