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Corey Hill

Realtor, DRE #02217843

Corey Hill

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Phone: (510) 206-5881

I’m Corey, a dedicated real estate agent specializing in luxury properties in the prestigious cities of Orinda, Lafayette, Moraga, Oakland Hills, and Piedmont, California. With a passion for serving discerning clients in the San Francisco Bay Area, I bring a unique blend of local expertise, personalized service, and a fresh perspective to the real estate market.


In 2019, my family and I made the exciting move to Orinda, drawn by the allure of a larger backyard in a desirable community. Living in the enchanting LAMORINDA area has been a dream come true for us, with its emphasis on safety, tight-knit community, and exceptional amenities for families. It’s access to high-quality extracurricular activities for kids to the convenience of Orinda BART and nearby shopping in Oakland and Walnut Creek, LAMORINDA offers a lifestyle that truly caters to all.

I totally understand how it feels to move from San Francisco / Oakland to LAMORINDA as someone that didn’t think I would “fit in” for one reason or another. Sometimes friends and family are not totally supportive of the move because of the misconceptions about the people that live in the area.  Let me tell you that although it’s not perfect, my family and I have been embraced 100% by this community and we love it and you will love it too!

Life in Montclair

Prior to settling in Orinda, we called the Piedmont side of Montclair in Oakland our home, affectionately referring to it as “My Dream Neighborhood.” We cherished the wooded surroundings, leisurely strolls to local coffee shops, and the strong sense of community fostered by our neighbors and the Montclair school community. Our move to Orinda allowed us to maintain access to the vibrant diversity and world-class amenities that the Oakland Bay Area has to offer, while also embracing the unique charm of our new neighborhood.

As Your Real Estate Agent

As a real estate professional, I bring a high-energy approach to serving my clients, always ready to respond to their needs with enthusiasm and dedication. I understand the importance of follow-up and maintaining strong relationships, and I am committed to providing exceptional service every step of the way. With years of experience as a real estate investor, I bring a strategic and aggressive approach to negotiations, ensuring that my clients achieve their desired outcomes.

Welcome Stanford Legal Community

One of the unique advantages of working with me is my deep understanding of the legal community, as the proud husband of a Stanford big Law partner. I am well-versed in the intricacies of the legal lifestyle and use this knowledge to create customized experiences for my clients in the legal profession. When you work with me, you not only gain a trusted real estate advisor but also become part of our exclusive community of Stanford Legal, big law, Jack & Jill, and Tech professionals. From networking events to tailored experiences, I am committed to ensuring that my clients feel valued and supported every step of the way.

The Sexton Real Estate Group

I am proud to be affiliated with the Sexton Group, a boutique firm with over 25 years of experience specializing in luxury properties on both sides of the tunnel. Our commitment to excellence, personalized service, and unparalleled market knowledge make us the premier choice for clients seeking a truly exceptional real estate experience. Text me today at 510-206-5881 to join the Corey Hill real estate community and let us help you turn your real estate dreams into reality.