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St. Perpetua School

3445 Hamlin Road, Lafayette, California 94549, United States

As St. Perpetua School celebrates its 50th anniversary of faith, knowledge and service, they are grateful for the many factors that contribute to their school family. Their students are in a position to benefit from state-of-the-art technology and hands-on enrichment activities that are possible due to the tremendous parental support of their communities. Their parents infuse their campus with their enthusiasm and efforts, fostered by a wide range of social and fundraising opportunities. All of their teachers demonstrate their commitment to education through ongoing professional development and a willingness to implement new strategies and techniques dedicated to children and their success.

St. Perpetua's graduate students are equipped not only with the academic skills needed to be successful at any high school they choose to attend, but also with the awareness and desire to spread the Gospel message of love and service. Through daily prayer, preparation and participation in liturgical celebrations, and the integration of morals and religious values across the curriculum, students develop an understanding of Catholic doctrine and explore ways to help others in their local and global community. Father John Kasper is the pastor of St. Perpetual Parish and celebrates Mass with our students throughout the school year.

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The History of St. Perpetua Church and School

Archbishop John J. Mitty of San Francisco established the parish of St. Perpetua in 1952. FatherĀ  Thomas Collins, the first pastor, celebrated Mass at the local mortuary until the congregation grew up requiring a move to the Park Theater. Religious education classes were held in the Old Town Hall, which is not the Town Hall Theatre. The current church and hall were opened in 1953. The rectory and the school were built in 1961. The presbytery is now used for parish office space.

The St. Perpetua School was opened in 1963, with students enrolled in grades one through five. Grades six, seven and eight were added over the next three years. The school was run by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet. Gradually lay teachers have been hired, and today St. Perpetua School is staffed by lay principals and lay teachers. The convent was built in 1963-64, the first building in the newly established diocese of Oakland. The monastery is now used as the residence of the pastor. There is also a meeting room and a daily Mass is celebrated in the chapel of the convent.

In 1966, a religious education room was built, which was used as a school library until the school building was extended and renovated. A kindergarten and a multipurpose room have been added.

Fr. 1956. Collins and Fr. have been transferred. John Quinn has been appointed pastor. He served until 1970, when he resigned, but remained in St. Perpetua until his death in 1973. Oh, Father. From 1970 to 1980, Arthur Ribeiro was a pastor. Pastors are following Fr. Ribeiro was the fathers of Brian Timoney, John Kennedy, Tim Johnson and John Gilmore. Oh, Father. John Kasper, OSFS, is the current pastor.

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