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Scotts Peak Trail Head

Orinda, California 94563, United States


Scott Peak Trail is a moderately trafficked out and back trail of 14.0 kilometers in the vicinity of Olympic Valley , California, which has a fantastic forest environment and is rated moderate. The trail is used mainly for hiking, trail running, and mountain biking, and is best visited between March and November.

If you want to get a few miles in and want to be rewarded with a beautiful view, this is a perfect road. Trail is non-technical, and rise in elevation is incremental, so you can hoof it up to the view. You should hike it out and back in 3 hours, without counting breaks. Will also be perfect for mountain biking or trail riding.

Enjoy the scenic views here all day. A long moderate hike - you should be in decent shape or plan for 5 hours.  Try to finish your long walks at around noon.  The peak is worth it and worth spending some time up there - especially if you ski at Alpine Meadows.

Alpine Meadows Resort is likewise a picturesque destination for families and thrill-seekers off-the-radar. Lodges in chalet style and accessible hospitality mean that the skiing and riding experience always comes first. From easy-riding development parks to wide-open bowls, Alpine Meadows offers every level of skier or snowboarder an exciting challenge. And with more than 100 trails spread over 2,400 acres, at every hop, leap, and chairlift, mountain adventures (and groomed runs) await.

Going back to Scotts Peak Trail Head, is one of the best walks  you’ll ever experience in Orinda California. Where you can see different bikers within 6 hours and no other walkers, after rough track start 0.5 mi, good track to climb, beautiful sky and trees , more footprints of deer and bear than people, top view of squaw valley and wilderness and lake Tahoe.

Try to watch the sunset with your special someone. You will definitely get some really great pictures. Easy drive up & down the mountain. Watch out for people skating & biking down the mountain. Other than that it has beautiful & perfect romantic views. If u have never been here, try to experience it. U won't regret it

Gorgeous views after a short, easy hike. The head of the trails! Indeed!

This amazing kid-friendly park is just one of the many must-see parks you don’t want to miss in Orinda, California:

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All of these wonderful sites are located just a short distance from our location at 3369 Mount Diablo Blvd in Lafayette! Stop by for a visit anytime!