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Pet Food Express Walnut Creek

1388 S California Boulevard, Walnut Creek, California 94596, United States


Pet Food Express are here to help California pets and their parents live happier, healthier lives together. How? The company’s team knows how to listen, empathize, and collaborate to find answers to the toughest pet problems. Finicky cat? Barking? Leash pulling? They’ve been there—and they’re here to help.

Their strategy is simple: They only sell products they trust for their own pets. That means they don't sell products with fillers or suspect ingredients, and they do background checks on their suppliers.

They want to be the very best place to shop for your pets. They want you to be able to choose products with confidence, get them how and when you want to, and be sure of their 100% support. Through it all, Pet Food Express wants to be a force for good in the greater pet community.

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What it is:

Pet Food Express, Self-Service Pet Wash is a great place to wash your pets. Their raised tubs and water-proof aprons keep pet parents dry and pain-free while the shop’s convenient leash clips and great selection of premium shampoos mean you can meet your pet grooming needs without a trip to the groomer.

All pets—from cats to pigs to sheep—are welcome in their self-serve pet wash.

How it works:

  1. Select a pet wash station and protect your furry friend by adding your pet's collar or harness to one of their easy-to-use tie-downs in the elevated tub.
  2. Enter a token into the system, choose warm-water-rinse and gently rinse the extended shower head with your pet.
  3. Pick an extra Luxury shampoo. Easily lather your pet with water-premixed shampoo, and dispense straight from the shower head.
  4. Thoroughly rinse off with water.
  5. When you're done washing your pet, it couldn't be simpler to dry. Towel down your pet and finish with the air-dryer which is just next to the tub.
  6. Leave behind the mess and go spend time with your nice and clean fur-baby!


The self-service pet wash costs $15 per token, and is also part of our Buy 3 Get The 4th Free program, so $45 for 4 washes. Once you pop the token into the machine, the pet wash station is active for 25 minutes—which is usually long enough to wash two pets!

Dog Training

Pet Food Express in-store dog training classes are limited to support social distancing, but many of our professional trainers are offering online classes to keep your fur-buddy on the right track.


Within selected Pet Food Express stores, VIP Petcare Wellness Centers come with a more conventional veterinary atmosphere. At VIP's weekend veterinary clinics and more, you can find all the services available. If you are looking for more complete veterinary treatment, including periodic physical tests, medical testing of basic diseases and accidents, nail trimming and supplementary vaccinations, visit a Wellness Center.

This amazing dog-friendly location is just one of the many must-see pet-related stores you don’t want to miss near Lafayette, California:

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All of these wonderful locations are situated just a short distance from our location at 3369 Mount Diablo Blvd in Lafayette! Stop by for a visit anytime!