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Oxford Primary School

1130 Oxford Street, Berkeley, California 94707, United States

Oxford School is a small school tucked into a hillside in northern Berkeley, with nearly 300 students in 14 classrooms. The small size of the school combined with outstanding staff and good family support make it a great environment. Oxford teachers are committed to teaching every child and are very receptive to the individual needs of students. They deliver a comprehensive and stimulating learning experience in a nurturing and welcoming learning environment. This setting is sustained by the responsible, disciplined attitudes that students gain through the discussion of essential values that teach them to do the right things in their daily lives with each other.

Their weekly school-wide community meetings explore the nature of sympathy, conscience, self-control, respect, kindness, tolerance and fairness, and promote sound learning and strong self-esteem for all students. In addition, Oxford continues to educate the public with community involvement in mind. I have a good understanding that what makes all of this work is learning to listen to students and working in partnership with their families.

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They have a variety of support services offered at their school. They have a support team for the RTI team that provides intervention services to their students throughout the school day, including advice, reading and math intervention. Families have the opportunity to enroll their students in the Extended School Day After-School program, where students receive homework support, targeted intervention, and can enroll in a range of enrichment classes hosted by their LEARNS After-School program. Some of their students receive academic tutoring from Oxford staff and/or UC Berkeley tutors.

Parents are an important and very active part of their families. They volunteer in the classroom, plan field trips, help in the library, supervise students in the yard, and help in the cafeteria. We also allow teachers to convey critical event knowledge to their families. Their extremely involved PTA is hosting their Harvest Fair, Spell-a-thon, Winter Fair and Multicultural Potluck, and more. Parents also contribute as members of their School Governance Council (SGC) who are instrumental in writing their school site plan and are active members of the English Language Advisory Council (ELAC). In addition to these committees, they have a very active PTA that raises funds every year to support various Oxford programs.

Aside from daily classroom events and lectures, there are other resources for enriching experience. Both of their kindergarten through second graders work regularly in their school greenhouse. Students learn to investigate and ask inquisitive questions, which, in turn, lead them to reflect on their place in and responsibility for the world. All first through fifth grade students receive weekly music instruction, with 4th and 5th graders receiving instrumental music twice a week. They work collaboratively with Bay Area Community Partners to provide students with the opportunity to learn about social skills and self-awareness strategies in a small group environment.

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All of these wonderful schools are situated just a short distance from our location at 1647 Hopkins St, in Berkeley! Stop by for a visit anytime!