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About the North Berkeley Neighborhood in Berkeley, California

North Berkeley is a neighborhood in Berkeley, California. It is located north of downtown, from Hearst Avenue to Eunice Lane, to the northwest corner of UC Berkeley campus. The main business area of North Berkeley is known as the Gourmet Ghetto. The North Berkeley BART station is situated just outside the western edge of the neighborhood; the Downtown Berkeley BART station is closer to the Gourmet Ghetto. North Berkeley is often identified as the Northbrae and Thousand Oaks neighborhoods; however all three areas are distinct local neighborhoods. The zipcodes of the North Berkeley neighborhood are 94709 and 94703. The main streets are Cedar Street, Rose Street, and Shattuck Avenue.

Things to Do in North Berkeley

North Berkeley is blessed with an abundance of fun attractions for residents and visitors to enjoy. Here’s a short list of our favorites:

Berkeley Rose Garden | 1200 Euclid Avenue, Berkeley, California 94708, United States

Berkeley's Historic Rose Garden is a regional attraction with 1,500 rose bushes and 250 rose varieties, with spectacular views of the San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. The Berkeley Rose Garden was one of the first Civil Works Progress Projects to be built under the Works Progress Administration (WPA). It was built in 1933 and completed and dedicated to public use in September 1937. East Bay rose societies and members of the group contributed hundreds of hours of volunteer time. Architect Bernard Maybeck proposed the terraced amphitheater and the 220-foot-long redwood pergola; the final design and execution was the work of landscape architect Vernon M. Dean and Rose Specialist C. Uh, V. Covell.

Berkeley Horticultural Nursery | 1310 McGee Avenue, Berkeley, California 94703, United States

They are a small family-owned retail nursery situated right across the Golden Gate Bridge. Located just under two acres away in Sunset Zone 17, they experience cool summers and mild winters. Their primary objectives are to provide the public with high-quality plants of all kinds, to gather and disseminate information on everything relevant to the garden, and to provide a friendly environment in which to browse through a range of horticultural items and accessories. They  can sell to a large portion of the San Francisco Bay Area, but they are not set up for mail order orders.

King Pool | 1700 Hopkins Street, Berkeley, California 94707, United States

The King Pool serves families mainly as a community pool. You experience this vibe instantly by the walls outside by the signs and the announcements, by the living appearance of the workplace. You feel like you've walked into a family garage or a game room, filled with silent eyes of adolescents in the registry, lifeguarding, hanging around. All these observations add a relaxed, inviting atmosphere to the place.

Virginia-McGee Totland | 1644 Virginia Street, Berkeley, California 94703, United States

Virginia-McGee Totland provides a wide variety of children's play features and houses a clubhouse adorned with a stunning mural. Totland property was acquired by the City of Berkeley in 1948. The Virginia-McGee Community Council has designed and built a park and play areas with the support of City workers. Numerous work parties, comprising hundreds of hours of voluntary work, were conducted from August to October 1949. After the playground was finished, the Parks and Recreation Commission approved design plans for the clubhouse on 26 October 1949. The park was restored in the late 1990s with the aid of Friends of Totland, and the clubhouse mural was designed by Jennifer Burke, organizer of the Young Artist Program (YAP) and painted by various volunteer parents and children who were part of the YAP.

Jeremy the Juggler | 1642 Grant Street, Berkeley, California 94703, United States

Jeremy the Juggler show is a comedy juggling, unicycling, origami, and a number of other plays. For the kids, his acts are dumb and get the kids to giggle and get involved in the show. He wears a bright outfit and a zany, high-energy outfit. For young children (2-8) He is a dumb juggler, magician, unicycle clown and balloon maker. For older children, his show is more of an entertaining display of impressive skills followed by some kind of instruction (origami, origami, balloon twisting). His acts are typically roving for fairs and adult audiences-short shows from spot to spot.

Live Oak Recreation Center | 1301 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, California 94704, United States

When the Penniman Clubhouse burned down in 1951, the city built the Live Oak Community Center, the Live Oak Park Recreation Center, the Shattuck & Berryman Social Hall, Berkeley, California, where groups like the Berkeley Folk Dancers had their home. The "Berkeley Art Center" is now located on the east side of the Walnut Street Bridge. Live Oak Park is a public park free of charge. There is a public toilet between the tennis court and the park; there is a picnic area with a stone fireplace and other activities for single persons and groups. You will find a fast and simple way to search and register for programs and classes on the Internet.

Berkeley Art Center | 1275 Walnut Street, Berkeley, California 94709, United States

Designed by architect ROBERT RATCLIFF and founded by the Rotary Club as a donation to the City, the Berkeley Art Center was run by the Parks and Rec Department for several years before it became a private non-profit in the late 1970s. The day before his job interview, BAC's first director, CARL WORTH, went to Human Be-In in Golden Gate Park, where a "happening" took place in the form of a parachute man in the crowd.

Aftel Archive of Curious Scents | 1518-1/2, Walnut Street, Berkeley, California 94709, United States

You will smell more than three hundred natural essences extracted from fruits, flowers, trees, grasses, etc at the Aftel Archive of Curious Scents. Not only is the Aftel Library of Curious Scents the first museum devoted to perfume in the United States, however more beguilingly, the first dedicated to the perception of fragrance. This tiny museum succeeds in containing the world's olfactory history: hundreds of natural essences, raw ingredients and antique tinctures collected from every corner of the globe, all of which can be smelled by visitors.

Living in North Berkeley

Residents of North Berkeley are blessed to live in an area full of nature while also being quite close to city life.  There is never a shortage of coffee shops, parks or shopping centers to enjoy within a five-minute drive of North Berkeley. Residents are also able to enjoy a rich spiritual life at the following houses of worship:

Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists | 1606 Bonita Avenue, Berkeley, California 94709, United States

As a radical spiritual community in the heart of Berkeley, BFUU is a diverse Unitarian Universalist congregation that plays an important role. As a much-used and much-loved platform for social justice and cultural programs, the Fellowship enriches the life of the local community. Their Sunday worship services start at 10:30 am and usually run until 11:30 or 11:45 am. The services are co-led by their Minister of Consulting and lay leaders. On Sundays, they invite a wide variety of outstanding speakers, including seminarians and clergy from different denominations and academics and activists from many fields, to their pulpit.

Christ Church East Bay | 2138 Cedar Street, Berkeley, California 94709, United States

The Church of Christ operates in culture and for the city to lead people into a deeper relationship with Christ and his Church. Christ Church has been trying to help people meet God since Easter Sunday 2006, develop in relationship with Him and each other and pursue the flourishing of the East Bay. Bart Garrett and Jonathan St. Clair were created, and they now cover two Sunday service locations. Their Neighborhood Groups meet to build deeper relationships from Monday to Saturday that can respond to the needs of their communities.

All Souls Episcopal Parish | 2220 Cedar Street, Berkeley, California 94709, United States

All who come are open to their table and hearts because they believe that there are no strangers in the commonwealth of justice and compassion of God. By sharing the joys and struggles of one another and living the Good News of unconditional love for all, they encounter Christ risen among us. They are leaving this place nourished for the journey and ready to bear this love for the world's healing. All Souls Parish is a Christ-centered culture that unites the welcoming of outsiders through core values, the participation of spiritual inquirers from all backgrounds, and the calling of all Christians to be the body of Christ in the world.

Second Church of Christ Scientist | 1521 Spruce Street, Berkeley, California 94709, United States

Scientist Berkeley was founded in November 1913 by the Second Church of Christ to meet the needs of the rapidly growing population of active Christian scientists in Berkeley. Scientist Berkeley (now also referred to as the Christian Science Society, Berkeley) had exceeded the capacity of the building while attending First Church of Christ, members there voted to charter a second church in the North Berkeley area. Thus the Second Church's first membership position consisted of former members of Christ Scientist's First Church, Berkeley.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints | 1501 Walnut Street, Berkeley, California 94708, United States

The Latter-day Saints' Church of Jesus Christ is a worldwide religion of more than 16 million adherents based on the assumption that everyone on earth is a son or daughter of a loving God and that His Son, Jesus Christ, rescued the world from sin and death. Jesus Christ invites all the children of God to come to Him, worship Him, and be more like Him. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' mission is to help all the children of God come to Jesus Christ by learning about His gospel, making and keeping God's promises (covenants), and practicing love and service like Christ.

Calvary Presbyterian Church | 1940 Virginia Street, Berkeley, California 94709, United States

They are a multicultural community of sojourners, and they welcome each individual into this community as a unique child of God, recognizing each as a steward of a unique expression of God’s truth. To be a multicultural Christian community they accept their differences of languages, cultures, and cultural expressions of faith.

Parks, Schools & Other Points of Interest in North Berkeley

North Berkeley is also home to some amazing parks, schools, public libraries and schools for its citizens to enjoy.  These facilities are all world-class, beautifully maintained and clean so residents of surrounding communities often visit to enjoy them.  Here’s a short list all located in North Berkeley:  

Ohlone Park | Milvia Street, Berkeley, California 94704, United States

Ohlone Park is a public park located on a strip of land along the north side of Hearst Avenue between Martin Luther King Jr. in the city of Berkeley, California, United States. Sacramento Street and Way. The subway used by the Richmond–Warm Springs/South Fremont and Richmond-Daly City lines of the Bay Area Rapid Transit system is directly underground. It is part of the Greenway of Ohlone.

Live Oak Park | 1301 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, California 94709, United States

Live Oak Park, the location of many community events, provides a number of leisure opportunities, including basketball and tennis courts, a fitness center, and play areas for tot and school-age play. In 1914, the City Council approved the acquisition of the park site, acquired on installments, for the price of $87,000. The park opened on June 1, 1916, to the public. In 1923 and 1926, the city bought additional plots for expansion.

Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School | 1781 Rose Street, Berkeley, California 94703, United States

Teachers, employees, and families at King Middle School strive to work together to build a diverse learning environment where every child is identified and valued. The school uses a cohort model in which the students from 6th to 8th grade are followed by a vice principal, a counselor, and two resource teachers, offering academic, mental and social stability during their years at King. King's staff are guided by Dr. King's ideals: equality, academic excellence, community action, nonviolence, self-respect and respect for others and democratic-based leadership.

Berkeley Arts Magnet School | 2015 Virginia Street, Berkeley, California 94709, United States

Berkeley Arts Magnet is a K through 5 elementary school at Whittier School, generally referred to as BAM, located in beautiful Berkeley, California. BAM has an affluent and diverse population of students and a fascinating past. BAM is located on the campus of Whittier, in North Berkeley's North Shattuck/Gourmet Ghetto area, and just blocks from Downtown Berkeley. In both academia and the arts, BAM provides a rich curriculum. The school group values learning opportunities in all fields and actively promises to integrate visual and performing arts into an integrated curriculum program with funds and instructional time.

Bayhill High School | 1940 Virginia Street, Berkeley, California 94709, United States

In order to start an independent high school in the Bay Area and build services serving secondary students with learning disabilities, the Bay Area Educational Institute (BAEI) was created. Bayhill High School, the only one of its kind in the East Bay, opened its doors to its students in September of 2007.

Kalanjali Dances of India | 1728 Cedar Street, Berkeley, California 94703, United States

Bharata Kalanjali, a learning temple, a colossal knowledge hub and an immersive place to explore the art inside you! Natya is inseparably fused at Bharata Kalanjali with culture, discipline, and social well-being that affect every aspect of the personalities of the student, shaping them not only for success, but for life. Bharata Kalanjali is an ideal environment for complete student growth with aesthetically built classrooms, open spaces that carry through nature's own vibrations and a curriculum that combines a multitude of elements combined to offer the best to the students.

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