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Longfellow Middle School

1500 Derby Street, Berkeley, California 94703, United States

Longfellow High School is a healthy, cooperative, inclusive and caring group of students , staff and teachers. Their  small campus allows them to teach a rigorous curriculum, to give personal and meaningful attention and to meet the needs of all their diverse learners. With the support of active PTA and regular family outreach, Longfellow is truly a community that embraces the entire child.

Longfellow School Mission:

Longfellow's mission is to enable our student body to achieve academic excellence and make positive contributions to our world.

Longfellow School Vision:

We strive to achieve this mission by nurturing our students' interests, embracing our students' diverse families, cultures, and communities, and developing skill sets necessary for college and career readiness. Our school provides an equally rich educational experience for all. Our campus is a safe space where all community members truly belong.

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We set high expectations while providing consistent and thoughtful support. The teachers of Longfellow measure their own success by how much their students grow and learn. We know that people learn best when they persisit and stuggle to gain new understanding. Both students and teachers develop their knowledge through reflection, collaboration, and meaningful work.

Longfellow is an interdependent community of learners, that celebrates the shared endeavor as much as individual achievement. We inspire students to become agents of change who are hopeful about the future.

Extended Day Program: representing more than one third of the student population, Longfellow's Extended Day Program provides both academic assistance and enrichment. Students have the ability to engage in Homework Centers with UC Berkeley classroom teachers and tutors, coordinated team sports as well as dance, arts and music. The service is open until 6:00 p.m. The payments are on a sliding scale and scholarships are eligible.

Facilities: Situated in a quiet neighborhood of South Berkeley, Longfellow Tigers is surrounded by a healthy and stimulating atmosphere. Their auditorium has a newly revamped surround sound system. They offer a softball field, basketball courts, an enclosed gym, and a fully stocked media technology library. In addition, a computer lab is available for students who do not have access to a computer at home. A number of computers for student use are also available in each classroom. The annex was renovated last year and is a welcome addition to their campus.

Music Program: Their music program is known for innovation and quality. From the moment students enter the 6th grade, they will be exposed to a variety of musical opportunities. They 're offering everything from choral singing to guitar to orchestra. Their famous jazz band recently had the honor of playing a gig at Yoshi 's famous jazz club in Oakland. Recently, they have set up a rock band that sometimes takes their performances down the hall. All students are encouraged to engage in music and carry a special quality exclusive to Longfellow.

Nutrition and Gardening: Long-term students are motivated to develop good eating habits and to consider how food is grown and where it comes from. Their magnificent and majestic garden is situated across the Annex on Ward Road, where students have a view of the sunflowers. The garden produces a variety of fruits and vegetables that students can help with. As a participating school in the Linking Education and Food Grant (LEAF) and the California Nutrition Network, Longfellow students reap the benefits of cooking and gardening lessons as well as improved nutrition education in both science and physical education classes. Students also participate in cooking and gardening in the after-school program.

Sports: Longfellow has a wide range of interscholar sports teams competing in the local league. Teams include volleyball, baseball, softball, soccer and flag football. They have a proud history of exceptional student athletes, many of whom are now attending four-year athletic scholarship colleges. Their athletes will still compete actively in teams and tournaments until they enter high school.

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