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Hidden Gems to Visit in the Upper Rockridge neighborhood of Oakland, California – Real Estate Agency Near Me

About the Upper Rockridge neighborhood of Oakland, California

With a population of 11,175, Upper Rockridge is a neighborhood in Oakland, California. Upper Rockridge, in Alameda County, is one of California’s most desirable neighborhoods. Upper Rockridge residents enjoy a dense suburban environment, with the majority of homeowners owning their houses. Many restaurants, coffee shops, and parks can be found in Upper Rockridge. Upper Rockridge is a liberal neighborhood with a lot of families and retirees. Upper Rockridge has excellent public schools.

There are various restaurants, coffee shops, and parks in Upper Rockridge. Upper Rockridge is a liberal neighborhood with many families and retirees. Upper Rockridge’s public schools are above average.

Things to Do in Upper Rockridge

The Upper Rockridge is blessed with an abundance of fun attractions for residents and visitors to enjoy. Here’s a shortlist of our favorites:

1. Claremont Country Club | 5295 Broadway Terrace, Oakland, California 94618, United States (510) 6536789

The Claremont Country Club in New Hampshire is a 9-hole golf course with challenging and well-kept greens, well-kept fairways, and a course layout that appears simple on the surface but presents multiple challenges on each hole. Almost every hole offers breathtaking views of the Sugar River Valley, the surrounding scenery, and Claremont itself.

The course is open to the public; however, tee times must be reserved in advance. Golfers of all ages and skill levels are welcome, and daily costs are relatively inexpensive. Please check their rates page for further information. Specials are also available at various periods throughout the season, so keep an eye out for them.


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2. Chabot Canyon Racquet Club | 7040 Chabot Road, Oakland, California 94618, United States (510) 6526060

Chabot Canyon Racquet Club is a tennis club in Oakland, California’s picturesque Rockridge region that is active and welcoming “home from home” for players. Tennis, friendship, and fun! That’s what you’ll discover when you enter the Chabot Canyon Racquet Club. It’s a unique place because of the people who walk through the doors. Chabot is a member-owned nonprofit dedicated to providing great facilities for tennis players of all abilities and ages and offers membership at surprisingly low monthly fees. The employees are also members who contribute greatly to the club’s success. It’s the overall sense of ownership and enthusiasm that sets them apart.


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3. Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve | Oakland, California 94611, United States (888) 3272757

The Robert Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve is located in the Oakland Hills of the San Francisco Bay Area, California. The park is part of the East Bay Regional Parks District (EBRPD), has 928 acres (3.76 km2), and lies east of Oakland, partly in Alameda County and partly in Contra Costa County. It may be accessed from Oakland using Skyline Boulevard or from Old Tunnel Road, which runs through Contra Costa County.

The park was one of the first three parks established by the East Bay Regional Parks District in 1936 (EBRPD). It was formerly known as Round Top Regional Park. Round Top (elevation 1,761 feet [537 m]) is an extinct volcano in the Oakland Hills that erupted 10.2 million years ago. The park was renamed in memory of Robert Sibley, the EBRPD’s second president, shortly after his death.


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4. Temescal Farmer’s Market | 5300 Claremont Avenue, Oakland, California 94618, United States  (510) 7457100

The Temescal Farmers Market in Oakland, which first opened in the summer of 2006, is now popular and vibrant. It’s located in the DMV parking lot, adjacent to the Temescal district’s retail district. The market is primarily organic, and suppliers with a solid reputation for offering high-quality goods are well-represented.

Most major food products are covered, so people may easily complete all of their shopping for the week at this market: fruits and vegetables, soy products, seafood, eggs, and baked goods.

The Sunday market at the TEMESCAL FARMERS’ MARKET is open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. It’s at the Oakland DMV, 5300 Claremont Ave (near Telegraph). Customers may park in the areas around the market or the DMV parking lot. This market is open all year, rain or shine.


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5. Temescal Brewing | 4115 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, California 94609, United States (510) 8995628

Temescal Brewing in Oakland makes vibrant beer for their neighborhood and beyond, to create a friendly Oakland spirit. Temescal was formed by Sam Gilbert in 2016 with a focus on sunny day’ beers, low ABV saisons, and soft pilsners. Temescal also has larger, darker beers available for after the sunsets. This progressive brewery, taproom, and beer garden have operated under the slogan “Fresh Beer, No Jerks.”


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Living in Upper Rockridge

Residents of Upper Rockridge are blessed to live in an area full of nature while also being quite close to city life.  There is never a shortage of coffee shops, parks, or shopping centers to enjoy within a five-minute drive of Upper Rockridge. Residents are also able to enjoy a rich spiritual life at the following houses of worship:

1. Piedmont Community Church | 400 Highland Avenue, Piedmont, California 94611, United States (510) 5475700

The Piedmont Community Church is a progressive, welcoming, and interdenominational faith community located in the rural community of Piedmont near Oakland. The church isn’t simply for people from Piedmont! The community extends to the eastern San Francisco Bay Area as well. Everyone is welcome to visit what God is doing in the neighborhood, regardless of age, race, status, background, or sexual orientation. Welcoming and nurturing disciples to serve with the love and compassion of Jesus Christ is the church’s goal.


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2. Oakland Center for Spiritual Living | 5000 Clarewood Drive, Oakland, California 94618, United States (510) 5471979

The Oakland Center for Spiritual Living is a welcome, haven where people can explore, expand, and experience their spiritual selves. The Center offers an extended experience of well-being for all who desire it through teaching and empowering people. A dynamic, welcoming group of people dedicated to discovering our ultimate Truth and realizing our spiritual potential. They sustain themselves and one other by being a place where love, joy, beauty, and the fullness of life are nourished and fostered, based on spiritual principles.

The church gives a place to study philosophical and practical tools, as well as practice personal and global transformation, through the teaching and practice of the Principles of Science of Mind and Spirit and other New Thought / Ancient Wisdom teachings.


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3. Faith Presbyterian Church USA | 430 49th Street, Oakland, California 94609, United States (510) 6539752

Faith Presbyterian Church is a community of believers who gather together to worship God, grow in faith, and serve others. The church is committed to sharing the love of Christ with all people, and we welcome everyone to join us on our journey. Faith Presbyterian Church is located at 430 49th Street, Oakland, CA 94609 in the Temescal neighborhood of North Oakland, California.


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4. Memorial Tabernacle Church | 5801 Racine Street, Oakland, California 94609, United States (510) 6524915

North Oakland and its neighbors are served by Memorial Tabernacle Church, a non-profit Christian institution. Its main goal is to worship, praise, and offer full glory to Jesus Christ. Its mission is to bring healing and deliverance through the word of God, as well as a proclamation for all who enter its doors.

The Christian Education ministry at Memorial Tabernacle Church provides weekly Bible teaching, designed to assist and encourage believers in their quest for understanding the faith.

Sunday school is a great time to learn about the Bible and grow in your faith. The classes are held from 9:15 am-10:30, with qualified teachers instructing what it means for you as individual Christian personhood or how this teaches us about God’s plan of salvation through Jesus Christ!

5. Realm Church | 5316 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, California 94609, United States

The Church is a realm of imperfect, warm, diverse, genuine, multi-generational, and multi-socioeconomic individuals from all across the Oakland-SF Bay Area who serve in Oakland together and engage life’s toughest issues—investigation, examination, and pursuit of Historical Jesus Christ Evidence and Biblical Data—in a safe, secure environment in Oakland.


Parks, Schools & Other Points of Interest in Upper Rockridge

Upper Rockridge is also home to some amazing parks, public libraries, and schools for its citizens to enjoy.  These facilities are all world-class, beautifully maintained, and clean so residents of surrounding communities often visit to enjoy them.  Here’s a short list all located in the Upper Rockridge:

1. Chabot Elementary School | 6686 Chabot Road, Oakland, California 94618, United States (510) 6544884

Chabot Elementary School is a K-5 public elementary school run by the Oakland Unified School District. Chabot is dedicated to ensuring that each of our students achieves academic and social success. Chabot’s instructors, without exception, are seasoned, committed, and skilled. To ensure that all children feel safe, nurtured, and supported by the environment as well as one another, they focus on community development.


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2. The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment | Oakland, California 94607, United States

The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment (abbreviated as The MADE) is a digital art and gaming museum in Oakland, California, containing fully playable game exhibitions. Its goal is to teach the public about digital art and the process of gaming development by collecting and curating video games, digital media concept art, and gaming systems.

The Board of Directors and Board of Advisors are composed primarily of gaming industry professionals, journalists, experts, and historians. The museum’s director is widely known technology journalist Alex Handy, and the board of directors includes Dr. Henry Lowood, Curator of Stanford University’s History of Science and Technology Collections and Film & Media Collections. The museum launched a Kickstarter effort in September 2015 to raise funds to purchase a venue in San Francisco, California, just across the water.


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3. Piedmont Community Hall711 Highland Avenue, Piedmont, California 94611, United States (510) 4203081

The Piedmont Community Hall specializes in making special occasions unforgettable. The Piedmont Community Hall is an ideal setting for an event because of the magnificent views of San Francisco’s buildings and the natural beauty of the redwood trees. The celebration will be as memorable as the breathtaking settings of the Piedmont Community Hall.

Located in the heart of downtown Piedmont and the facilities include a large auditorium/theater, meeting rooms, and kitchen. The hall is available to rent for a wide variety of events such as weddings, receptions, parties, business meetings, conferences, stage productions, and more.

Its mission is to provide a central gathering place for the community that is accessible to all and strives to promote cultural enrichment and social interaction through educational, recreational, and civic programs.


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4. Dracena Quarry Park | 130 Dracena Avenue, Piedmont, California 94611, United States (510) 4203050

The Dracena Quarry Park in Piedmont is a lovely little neighborhood beauty with activities for children of all ages. It’ll keep preschoolers and elementary kids occupied for hours with its range of options. The sand and play structure, which the active older kids adore, is wonderful for the little ones, while the climbing wall and rocky slopes are fantastic playgrounds for the more adventurous kids.

Dracena Quarry Park is a quarry that has been converted. The quarry first opened in 1852 and supplied much of the stone for Oakland’s streets. Around the turn of the century, the quarry halted operations and was converted into a park. Parts of the park still have blue rock outcroppings, and amateur historians and geologists occasionally organize tours of the area.


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5. Oakland Public Library: Rockridge Branch | 5366 College Avenue, Oakland, California 94618, (510) 5975017

The Oakland Public Library’s Rockridge Branch has something for everyone, including huge collections of books, audiobooks, music, and DVDs for kids, teens, and adults, programs and activities, computer access, WiFi, a scanner, and fax machine, and more! Questions? The staff is there to assist you. All people are encouraged to explore, connect, and grow at the Oakland Public Library.


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Map From Upper Rockridge to Our Location


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