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Healthy Spot

1200 4th Street Suite F, San Francisco, California 94158, United States


At Healthy Spot they know that your dogs and cats are more than just pets. They're a family. That's why they are dedicated to offering a full range of wholesome, organic food lines to pet owners, as well as a wide range of treats, toys and accessories and more. They track every pet food recall untiringly and prefer to carry only items of the highest quality. That way, if it is accepted at Healthy Spot, you know it's clean. Furthermore, their best-in-class grooming facilities and Small Dog Daycare help keep your dog safe from inside out!


They are committed to inspiring healthy pet lifestyles by creating authentic experiences and fostering community, one pet at a time.


From their pet food to their offered services, Healthy Spot offers a unique, personalized experience for each of their clients. 



Their Daycare program provides you with peace of mind while offering excellent care for your animals. Their Doggie Daycare is specifically planned for smaller dogs, and their goal is to make it the ideal option for their busy owners. Their number one goal is to build a fun and healthy atmosphere-for this purpose all their dogs are tested for health and behavior through first-day orientation in their daycare room.


They offer high quality styling services for your dog's appearance and health. Their full-service styling salons and spas use natural, eco-friendly and biodegradable materials of the highest standard for all the grooming treatments for your dog. For a grooming experience that is positive for the owner, and pleasant for their doggie guests, Healthy Spot Grooming supports and trains thoroughly. During your dog's stay in the lounge, their professional and well-educated groomers and staff are on hand to meet your dog's specific requirements to ensure a calming, stimulating, supportive and secure pet experience.


Healthy Spot partners with Tully's Training to deliver dog training that benefits both you and your dog! Tully's has a solution for you, whether you're looking for puppy training or to show that you can really teach an old dog new tricks.

Who is Tully's Training?

Tully's is a family-owned company that uses positive reinforcement and science-based strategies to support pet behaviour. It all began ten years ago with Mary Tully, who was teaching animals in the nation at the time. She learnt and applied the same basic principles of conduct to the dog training environment from chickens to dolphins.


The team at Healthy Spot recognize how the world of pet food can be daunting and they are just here to help you! Speak with a team member individually to find out what cat or dog food is best for your pet. You will leave with unique suggestions personalized to your four-legged buddy, and feel secure in selecting items that will support their health and well-being.


As with humans, regular dental inspections are vital for the overall health of your pet too! Healthy Spot’s team partners with K9 Grillz to provide non-anesthetic cleaning of cat and dog teeth for their customers, a gentle and reliable alternative to conventional pet dental services. A licensed veterinarian shall supervise all procedures. 

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