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Codornices Park

1201 Euclid Avenue, Berkeley, California 94708, United States

Codornices Park is a park located at 1201 Euclid Avenue between Eunice Street and Bayview Place, Mobile Unit 1. Codornices Park offers a wide range of recreational and recreational opportunities in a beautiful hillside setting.

A wide range of play opportunities are available in a beautiful hillside setting: baseball / softball field, basketball court, tot play area, picnic / BBQ area (reservation required), hiking trails through the glade and groves of magnificent oaks, bay trees and redwood, a view / overview, two forks of Codornices Creek and a tunnel below Euclid Avenue leading to the Berkeley Rose Garden.

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The Codornices Park, one of the first parks in Berkeley, was opened in 1915 with a magnificent field house, a fine tennis court and many other play features. By an agreement dated 11 October 1921, the City of Berkeley leased the land that was owned by the Water Company (successed by the East Bay Municipal Utilities District for $1.00 a year for 50 years). The City exercised the option to purchase the land in 1967 and acquired the property from EBMUD for $68,968 on 22 January 1976. The softball field was added in 1970.A community group, Los Amigos de Codornices, came together in 1980 to develop a park plan and begin a series of community work parties to restore paths, meadows, hillsides, bridges and trails.


  • Baseball / Softball field
  • Multipurpose turf Codornices Park Basketball Court
  • Full Court of Basketball
  • Tot play area with toy train, swings, comfortable benches.
  • School-age playground featuring a popular 40-foot hill slide, large swings, track ride, 8' high wood structure with slide, sliding pole and net climber.
  • Picnic areas for groups and individuals, including BBQ facilities
  • Hiking / trailing through the sunny glade and the groves of magnificent oaks, bay trees and redwoods.
  • Vista/Overlook 
  • Two Codornices Creek Forks
  • Tunnel under Euclid Avenue leading to the Rose Garden of Berkeley

There is an enclosed playground with baby swings, a slide, a sandbox and a train to drive. As a child, my son was obsessed with steering wheels, so the train is a big attraction. There are more challenging play structures with slides and monkey bars for larger children. Concrete slides are fun for daring children and adults – cardboard panels are usually found lying around the foot of the slide. A vast grassy area offers enough shady patches for picnics and enough space to run around or play catch.

A picnic bench set up next to the creek offers the perfect setting for an outdoor birthday party. Hiking around the back of the playground reveals even more secluded and shady spots for grilling and getting together. Venture to explore more through the tunnel.The Berkeley Rose Garden makes a peaceful end of the day – stop and smell the flowers before returning home.

A hidden waterfall in a quiet forest just steps from bustling Berkeley. Park along the street in front of Berkeley's Codornices Park. Follow the stream on the left side of the playground. Take the path up the hill to the right (don't go over the bridge to the left). Keep walking up several concrete stairs. After the first flight of stairs, you will see a path on the left that leads through a wooden gate. Take this path and keep going up the hills. Take any of the paths from here, and they'll lead you to a waterfall surrounded by lush greenery. Take a book and relax by the waterfalls, or take a seat on one of the benches along the way. Enjoy the peace of mind, then when you're ready, head back to the way you came.

Check out the park on your way to or from the waterfall. There are a ton of secluded daytime picnic areas, as well as a stream, baseball field, basketball court, playground, concrete slides (fun for all ages!) and hiking trails. There's a Berkeley Rose Garden across the street, which is also a must see and has a tennis court. Bring a picnic lunch and have a day with the kids.

There are so many features to explore at Codornices Park in Berkeley that my experience has changed completely as my children grow older. With every visit, you'll find new parts to enjoy. Overall, this is a lovely setting, perfect for picnic dinners and birthday barbecues.

This amazing child-friendly park is just one of the many must-see sights you don’t want to miss in Berkeley, California:

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All of these wonderful parks are situated just a short distance from our location at 1647 Hopkins St, in Berkeley! Stop by for a visit anytime!