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Brookwood Reservoir

Lafayette, California 94549, United States


Brookwood Reservoir is a reservoir located in Contra Costa County, California, United States. The Brookwood reservoir has a latitude and longitude of 37.9243682, a latitude of -122.1085755, with an approximate elevation of 728 feet above sea level (222 metres). Largemouth bass is the most common species found here. Brookwood Reservoir is next to Brookwood Reservoir and is located in Contra Costa County, California, United States.

This reservoir is most commonly an enlarged natural or artificial lake, pond or impoundment created using a dam or lock to store water. It was created in a number of ways, including controlling a watercourse that drains an existing body of water, interrupting a watercourse to form an embayment within it, through excavation, or building any number of retaining walls or levees.Defined as a storage space for fluids, this reservoir may hold water or gasses, including hydrocarbons.

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Here are some common uses for reservoir like the Brookwood Reservoir:

Water supply

Reservoir water can be used to supply water to our homes and factories. Reservoirs are designed to store the rain that falls during the wetter parts of the year, so that there is a continuous supply of water for the drier periods.

Hydroelectric power

Water storage reservoirs can be used for hydropower plant feeding. Hydropower comes from the use of falling water energy to power water turbines that in turn drive electric generators. The water container is held at a point higher than the turbines in a factory. The power station often is directly in front of a dam and pipes directly to the turbines through the dam feed water.

Flood control

The amount of water flowing in a river following heavy rain can be regulated by a reservoir. In the rainy days of the year, the water level in the reservoir is small. The dam falls and sits in the reservoir when heavy rain arrives. The flood waters can be transferred downstream by a spill when the reservoir is too full.


Irrigation water may be stored in the rainy season in reservoirs, then released from the reservoir in drier seasons and distributed across the earth through a canals network.

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All of these wonderful sites are located just a short distance from our location at 3369 Mt Diablo Blvd in Lafayette! Stop by for a visit anytime!