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Berkeley Rose Garden

1200 Euclid Avenue, Berkeley, California 94708, United States

The Berkeley Rose Garden is a town-owned park in the North Berkeley area of Berkeley , California. The Rose Garden is located in the Berkeley Hills residential area between the Cragmont and La Loma Park neighborhoods, most of the block between Eunice Street and Bayview Place on the west side of Euclid Avenue.

It was one of the first Civil Works Progress Projects to be built under the Works Progress Administration ( WPA). It was designed in 1933 and completed and dedicated to public use in September 1937. East Bay rose societies and members of the community donated hundreds of hours of volunteer time. Architect Bernard Maybeck suggested the terraced amphitheater and the 220-foot-long redwood pergola; the final design and execution was the work of landscape architect Vernon M. Dean and Rose Specialist C. Uh, V. Covell.

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For many years, the Parks Department held Rose Week activities in the garden every May, with a Rose Day celebration on Mother's Day (the Mother's Day event was resurrected in 2001 as a joint project of the City of Berkeley and the Friends of the Berkeley Rose Garden). The annual winners of the All-American Rose Society have traditionally been planted in the garden; other rose varieties have been supplied by growers from all over the world.

The Friends of the Berkeley Rose Garden has been very active over the last decade in restoring key historical features and improving the accessibility of the garden. Working in partnership with City Gardeners, Friends continues to play a key role in improving the garden. The construction of a new entrance and a view of Euclid Avenue sparked new interest in the park. In response to the growing depletion of roses by hungry deer, a perimeter fence was erected at the end of the 1990s.

The Berkeley Rose Garden is considered to be the finest rose garden in northern California. The roses are pruned in January in preparation for mid-May, when the garden is in the most spectacular state.

The Rose Garden is a terraced amphitheater nestled in a small canyon and offers stunning views of the city and the Bay of San Francisco and the Golden Gate. More than 100 varieties of roses grow along the terraces, with maximum blooming occurring in mid-May. The park is part of Codornices Creek. There is a set of tennis courts on the north side of the Rose Garden. The south side is a grove of Redwood Coast, bay trees and live oak on the coast.

The garden  is located next to Codornices Park. In addition to more than 3 acres of roses, the garden also includes a redwood pergola, 4 tennis courts, a picnic area, hiking trails, footbridges, a semi-circular terraced amphitheater and an ornamental pool fed by the Codornices Creek, which runs through the garden.

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