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Berkeley Marina

201 University Avenue, Berkeley, California 94710-1618

The Berkeley Marina is the westernmost part of the city of Berkeley , California, located west of the East Shore Freeway (Interstate 80 and 580) at the foot of University Avenue in San Francisco Bay. Scarcely speaking, "Berkeley Marina" refers only to the city marina, but in common use it applies more generally to the surrounding area. 

The actual Berkeley Marina, used by many people sailing on the Bay, was built as the Berkeley Yacht Harbor in the late 1930s by the Works Progress Administration in conjunction with its nearby work developing the Aquatic Park. During the Second World War, the Berkeley Yacht Harbor was used by the United States Navy to build tugboats.

By Oleg. -, CC BY 2.0,

The Berkeley Marina is an urban retreat with over 100 acres of park space, 7 miles of trails, picnic areas, a 17-acre off-leash dog area, bird watching, educational programming at the Shorebird Park Nature Center, a nationally-famous Adventure Playground, unparalleled panoramic views, and facilities for boaters and non-boats alike.

There are a number of restaurants, a hotel and a yacht club in the Berkeley Marina. There are also a number of walking and cycling paths. The area is accessible from the rest of Berkeley by foot or bike over the Berkeley I-80 Bridge at the foot of Addison Street (one block south of University Avenue) and is crossed by the San Francisco Bay Trail in the vicinity of Interstate 80. In addition, it is the western terminal of the AC Transit Route 51B (University Avenue-Rockridge BART) on selected trips only. The easternmost part of the Marina, which runs parallel to I-80/580, is now part of the East Shore State Park.

The Berkeley Marina is home to the Adventure playground, which opened in 1979. It's a wonderfully unique outdoor facility where the staff encourages children to play and build creatively. Children can climb a lot of unusual children who designed and built forts, boats, and towers. Kids can ride a zip line or hammer, saw, and paint. By providing these low-risk activities Adventure Playground creates opportunities for children to learn to cooperate, face physical challenges and gain self-confidence.

The Berkeley Marina will feel like you  are home  away from home in no time. They 're going to connect you with great amenities like Wi-Fi, boater-only bathrooms, a fuel dock and 24-hour free pumping facilities. They also offer close access to conveniences such as restaurants, social boating clubs, Berkeley Yacht Club events, water-based classes, kayaking rentals, paddle boarding, windsurfing, sailing and more.

This amazing place is just one of the many must-see sights you surely  don’t want to miss in Berkeley, California:

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  • Berkeley Free Clinic
  • Berkeley High School
  • Berkeley History Center 
  • Berkeley Public Library 
  • Berkeley Repertory Theatre 
  • Berkeley Rose Garden 
  • Hearst Greek Theatre

All of these wonderful sites are located just a short distance from our location at 1647 Hopkins St, in Berkeley! Stop by for a visit anytime!