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About the Berkeley Hills Neighborhood in Berkeley, California

Berkeley Hills is a residential area in Berkeley, California. It is located on the north side of the Berkeley campus and contains many homes from various styles, including English Tudor, French Provincial, Colonial Revival, and the Spanish Mediterranean. The hills are also home to some of the oldest trees in town as well as being one of the few places where you can see the sunset over San Francisco Bay and Mount Diablo. The hills are perfect for running or walking with views of the Bay Area. You can also get to the top for an amazing view!

Berkeley Hills is a beautiful, sparse suburb with liberal residents and top-rated schools. You can find plenty of activities for you to enjoy in Berkeley hills-- whether it's walking your dog at the park or grabbing a coffee from one of many nearby shops on University Avenue. The more conservative feel brought by private homes might be just what some people are looking for when they're seeking family life in California! If you are looking to live close to nature, this is an ideal place to be!

Things to Do in Berkeley Hills

Berkeley is a diverse and unique blend of personalities that cannot be summed up in simple generalizations. If you define Berkeley as simply one thing, you'll lose out on its diversity. Instead, come to Berkeley with an open mind and a willingness to learn, and you'll find pleasant neighborhoods full of former visitors who opted to stay after their visit. Berkeley Hills is home to a variety of entertaining attractions for locals and visitors alike. Here's a rundown of some of our favorites:

1. University of California Botanical Garden | 200 Centennial Drive, Berkeley, California 94720, United States

The Botanical Garden is one of the most varied ecosystems in the world, with over 10,000 plant varieties. There are many rare and endangered species that you will find there including plants from as far away as Australasia to South Africa. The garden offers a large collection of California native species too making it not only beautiful but also educational!

The first Dean of Agriculture, Dr. Eugene W. Hilgard (1833-1916), developed a modest garden on the Berkeley campus as early as the 1870s to grow plants with economic use for his students and staff members. The University's botanical gardens were founded in 1890 by E L Greene who was also an expert at plant identification and classification; he wanted to create a living collection where California natives could be housed from their neighboring states. They were able to preserve 600 species within just two years!

The Gardens began with only a few hundred plants, but it quickly grew over the next decade to include 1500. Then its collection expanded even more and now has around 10,000 species from all continents.

2. University of California Berkeley Campus | Berkeley, California, United States

There are many places to see when you visit this campus of the University of California. Nestled in the Berkeley Hills, U.C. Berkeley's 178-acre campus offers a lush opportunity for outdoor study and exploration with its redwoods, oaks, and other trees that provide shade from the sun during long days of class time under their green canopies. 

When you go, visit Sather Tower located at the center of this beautiful arboreal paradise; it was built in 1914 using marble quarried out of Alaska to create one of America’s most iconic landmarks - known as "the Campanile". Standing 307 feet tall (over 20 stories), you'll find The Campanile Bell tower which not only houses UCB's signature carillon clock but also holds an exterior observation deck complete with stunning views over the city below!

Moffitt Library is a must-visit for any Berkeley student. On the third level, there's not only a café with free wifi and comfortable seating but also an exhibit on one of the most important movements in UC Berkeley history: The Free Speech Movement which took place during the 1960s where students protested campus restrictions against political activity and helped to advance constitutional rights.

3. Berkeley Marina |201 University Avenue Berkeley, California, 94710, United States

The Berkeley Marina is truly a unique place to enjoy the Bay Area. There are many things that make it special, but one of them would be the constant sea-winds coming from the Slot. This gives you an exhilarating experience while sailing in and out of San Francisco Bay on your boat!

The Berkeley Marina provides boaters with fantastic views not only for themselves but also for their friends back at home via live streaming video feeds too! It has one of the best views in all of San Francisco Bay. Boaters are drawn out by the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge.

4. Berkeley Repertory Theatre | 2025 Addison Street, Berkeley, California 94704, United States

The Berkeley Repertory Theatre, founded in 1968 and ranked as one of the best professional resident theatre companies nationwide with a reputation for dependable quality performances. They have been awarded the Tony Award for Outstanding Regional Theater back in 1997 due to their wide range of productions which include classics, current plays, and newer ones alike all throughout September through July. 

Alongside seven different productions, they also offer workshops on writing scripts from Shakespeare's time period that are both entertaining but informative while aiming to give audiences access into what it was like during those times when the theater was just becoming more popularized around the world.

The Berkeley Repertory Theatre provides excellent opportunities not only for aspiring actors or directors who want an experience-based education but also for anyone interested in taking part in the production.

5. Telegraph Avenue | Berkeley, California, United States

Telegraph Avenue is a street where four blocks south of the University, from Bancroft Way to Dwight Way. It has many businesses lining it such as restaurants and bookshops; there are also clothing stores set up on different sides of the road. 

College students have become somewhat accustomed to this bustling area because they can find anything their heart desires in Telegraph Avenue, whether it be an academic resource or food for dinner time later that day! Tourists and locals alike flock here due to its proximity to public transportation like BART trains, bus stations, and universities nearby which makes traveling into Berkeley easy peasy!

Living in Berkeley Hills

Berkeley is a city with everything. Berkeley has everything you might desire in a little Northern California town, from ancient buildings to breathtaking views. It's a lovely location to live. The weather is almost always good, and the hills are ideal for dogs. But it's the community that makes living here so special. Residents can also find spiritual fulfillment at the following places of worship:

1. Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church | 401 Grizzly Peak Boulevard, Berkeley, California 94708, United States

Shepherd of the Hills is centered on worship. Every Sunday at 10:00 a.m., they assemble to hear a reading from God's word and an interpretation, in addition to receiving bread and wine near Jesus' table for Communion. Members of this group bring their musical talents as well as artistic skills that help improve what could otherwise be considered ordinary services into something special each week with colorful images made by those attending or created through modern technology such as video projection onto screens throughout the sanctuary space

The Evangelical Lutheran Worship serves its foundation for worship while supplementing liturgical language found within it with expansive pictures depicting who God is- oftentimes seen via contemporary publications but also ancient scriptures drawn upon during different seasons throughout the year, giving attendees more understanding.

2. Northbrae Community Church | 941 The Alameda, Berkeley, California 94707, United States

Every Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m., the chapel hosts an interactive worship service that is also broadcast on YouTube for all to enjoy. The first of each month includes Communion, and visitors are cordially encouraged to join them in Zoom following the normal session. Multiple forms of Lord's Prayer are used as well as scripture from Christianity and other world faiths, poetry, and holy stories so there is something for everyone!

3. Berkeley Covenant Church | 1632 Hopkins Street, Berkeley, California 94707, United States

Berkeley Covenant is known for its welcoming atmosphere, and even more so on the first Sunday of every month. Welcoming newcomers to their congregation by offering them a number of resources, from translators all the way down to greeters at each doorway who are always happy to answer any questions they may have about how things work at Berkeley Covenant.

Berkeley's commitment towards its members never ends with just being there physically- it extends far beyond that into emotional support in whatever form one needs when coming into such new territory as entering this church community and life change.

Whether you’re new to church or a seasoned Christian, you will find people participating in an engaging and reverent manner of worship. They sing old hymns as well as modern worship songs during the service with accompaniment from local musicians. People offer their prayers for all those involved in this sacred space-the Church, the community at large, and even around the globe. They hear messages that connect God's Word into their lives accompanied by Scripture readings too.

4. Epworth United Methodist Church  | 1953 Hopkins Street, Berkeley, California 94707, United States

Epworth United Methodist Church is a religious institution that welcomes people of all backgrounds and strives to make the Christian faith the cornerstone for its members. The church aims to develop spiritual growth, foster supportive communities, engage in charity work both locally and globally, understand human diversity while promoting justice among peoples.

It also has the goal of fostering healthy relationships between those who worship thereby teaching them about the Christian faith through their various ministries like prayer classes or bible studies. 

Epworth United Methodist Church strives to put faith into action, understanding and appreciating the many differences that bind people. By reaching out in love to those near and far who are in need of care or encouragement, Epworth seeks not just for congregants but also new members from all walks of life.

5. St Alban’s Episcopal Church |  1501 Washington Avenue, Albany, California 94706, United States

St Alban's is a unique Episcopal Church in Berkeley, CA that meets regularly to worship and learn more about what it means to follow Jesus. They are active members of their community who believe God's unconditional love implies everyone should be welcomed into the church.

It is a place where people of all ages gather to worship God and learn the meaning behind following Him. They also participate in acts of service within their community, because they know that love means accepting everyone unconditionally. 

They value the congregation, meet weekly, and are constantly active members of their community.

Parks, Schools & Other Points of Interest in Condit

Have you ever wondered what the best parks in Lafayette, CA are? Or where the closest schools are to your home? Let’s go over some of the most popular points of interest in Condit Neighborhood and give you a little bit more information on each one so that you can make an informed decision about your neighborhood. Some of the most popular parks offer plenty of open space for kids to play or adults to relax with a picnic lunch while some have tennis courts, basketball courts, and playgrounds. Here’s a shortlist of beautiful spaces and state-of-the-art landmarks near Condit.

1. Berkeley Rose Garden at Codornices Park | 1200 Euclid Avenue, Berkeley, California 94708, United States

The Berkeley Rose Garden is a beautiful tiered amphitheater with an elegant pergola that houses 1,500 rose bushes representing 250 different kinds. The garden boasts stunning displays of color and beauty during peak flowering in mid-May when tourists from all over come to take advantage of the unparalleled views it offers of San Francisco Bay as well as its proximity to the Golden Gate Bridge. Hikers can explore nearby trails or enjoy a picnic at this beautiful spot which overlooks some breathtaking vistas.

The Berkeley Rose Garden is a three-acre garden located near Codornices Park on the western edge of Golden Gate Park. The tunnel that links to it was built for wheelchair access, and features an amazing view from its windows overlooking Euclid Avenue below!

2. Indian Rock Park | 950 Indian Rock Avenue, Berkeley, California 94707, United States

For those seeking a challenge, Indian Rock Park is the place to go. Located in what was once an old quarry and now one of California's most visited parks for outdoor recreation activities, there are ample opportunities at this destination to get your adrenaline pumping while enjoying some delicious food. 

Mason-McDuffie Real Estate Company donated Indian Rock Park to the City of Berkeley during the construction of the Northbrae neighborhood. The park was designated a public space in 1917, and it is known for its rock climbing skills taught by Dick Leonard father of modern rock climbing as well as David Brower who founded Friends of Earth.

In World War II, Brower utilized his unique expertise to write training manuals that were instrumental in leading the 86th Regiment of the United States Army to surprise German lines at Riva Ridge.

3. Berkeley High School | 1980 Allston Way, Berkeley, California 94704, United States

The diverse community in Berkeley, California is amazing to see from the inside and out. There are about 3,000 students at Berkeley High School who all come together for a shared experience that teaches them more than could be possible with any one person or school alone. They accept these individuals as they would themselves because it's what makes their campus so special!

Berkeley High School is a top-ranked public high school with a diverse curriculum that prepares students for college. Students have access to Advanced Placement courses and an extensive list of electives as well as honors courses in all major fields including computer programming, biotechnology, art classes like photography or painting, multi-lingual immersion programs such as Mandarin Chinese language studies, or Arabic Language Studies. The academic program fosters creativity through the arts by offering studio art classes along with theater productions where actors can get involved behind the scenes too!

4. Bayhill High School | 1940 Virginia Street, Berkeley, California 94709, United States

Bayhill High School was the first-ever high school established in East Bay and has been a beacon of hope for students with learning disabilities since its inception. Previously, these individuals were unable to access secondary education due to their conditions but this changed when BAEI opened up opportunities at Bayhill by establishing programs that would cater specifically to them. 

The establishment of an independent educational institute also allowed Bayhill's administration greater control over curriculum as well as other important matters such as hiring teachers who possessed skillsets more appropriate for special needs populations than those found in traditional schools.

To offer these learners the chance to thrive, a new high school for learning-disabled teens is needed. This step would make sure that they have access to all of the opportunities made available at schools across America and ensure their success as responsible citizens in society.

5. Berkeley Public Library | 2090 Kittredge St, Berkeley, California, 94704, United States

The Berkeley Public Library is one of the most heavily used in California, with over 120,000 people visiting on average each day. Not only does it serve locals but also those from neighboring communities like Oakland and San Francisco who find themselves drawn to its eclectic collection spanning all interests — including books for children as well as adults! The library has four branches which are located conveniently across town so that there's always an option nearby no matter where you live.

The library staff maintains an active social media presence on Facebook with regular posts that feature photos and videos about their services for both children and adults alike including different programs like music events throughout the year; storytimes during school vacations; summer reading programs geared towards kids K-5th grade; book clubs where popular novels are read while also hosting discussions.

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