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Apple Broadway Plaza

1200 S Main Street, Walnut Creek, California 94596, United States


Every time you’ll visit this Apple store every staff is welcoming and ready to help. No one is ever too pushy with trying to sell their visitors anything but they will immediately provide the assistance needed by their customers. 

The location of this store is so convenient. Right in downtown Walnut Creek. While you're out and about it is a great location to just stop by. Easy access from walking about and there are parking garages nearby.

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By Stacey Baca - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

This Apple Store is in a prime Downtown Walnut Creek location at the edge of Broadway Plaza. Visitors are raving about the excellent customer service from multiple associates, and they say Apple Broadway Plaza is truly a must visit shop. 

A greeter will surely welcome you with a smile, and other customers, at the street-side doors. Security guards are present outside. Associates were immediately available to help, or if they couldn't, they will direct you to someone who could, so you will never wait for so long. 

On follow up visits, employees are just as helpful and pleasant. Managers go above and beyond and it is really evident that they enjoy their role and working for Apple.

The wait at the Apple Genius Bar is minimal and the techs are always courteous and efficient.

Customers here are diverse and varied in age and they all appeared to be getting assistance from employees.

Their new location is very spacious and has plenty of area for people to sit. That is one thing different from other apple stores. The staff here are doing their best and make sure to take care of you accordingly.

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